Our basic one month detoxification protocol is Medicardium, Xeneplex, Glytamins.  This may support metal and chemical detox as well as support proper drainage of mobilized toxins.

In addition to our basic detox, consider adding in Captimet and Albedextrin.  Captimet may support the body in dealing with the ultra-heavy metal toxins (Uranium, Gadolinium, etc) while Albedextrin may support the body in dealing with any misfolded proteins that toxic metals can induce in tissue.  You should also check your stool pH with some 6-8 pH paper.  If it is above 6.5, you may also want to consider our Phylamet.

To lower stool pH several things must take place.

1- Transit time must be 1 day.  Measure this by taking 1 tablespoon of liquid chlorophyl and see how long it takes for stool to turn green.  Slow transit time is improved by less time sitting and more time walking.

2-Fiber must be in the diet.  Consider 1 cup of bean per day and 1-2 capsules of Panaceum per meal.

3-The distal colon can’t be making ammonia.  This is indicated by very high pH.  Usually over 7.2.  To lower stool ammonia and pH, lower meat consumption (at least temporarily) and consider using Phylamet.  If 20mM does not help, consider up to 60mM, but if you get sore kidneys, that is too strong for you.

4- Low lactic acid. Consider using Lactimet,

5- Low SCFAs, consider supplementing with Bifidus.

Consider Nervidyne to support the nerve tissue, Medicardium Oral to support brain circulation and Albedextrin to support the body in dealing with amyloid plaque formation and prions.  Phylamet (our SCFA product) is also important to support proper sealing of the blood brain barrier.

Consider Medicardium and Protelase on day 1, Cholephage and Albedextrin on day 2 and alternate for at least 1 month.  12 hours after the Medicardium, take a calcium supplement.  I like calcium phosphate or calcium gluconate.  12 hours after Albedextrin, take 1 tsp phosphatidyl choline.  You will also want to check your stool pH.  If it is above 6.5, you may want to consider our Phylamet product.  Also, take 500mg liposomal vitamin C every waking hour for 1 week.

For intracellular liver toxins, consider Xeneplex.  For extracellular liver toxins, consider Glytamins.  For toxin induced fatty liver deposits, consider Albedextrin.  For a complete liver detox, consider all three.

Consider Medicardium and Glytamins to support the kidneys in detoxifying calcifications and extracellular crystalizations.   You may also consider 1 liter distilled water first thing in the morning followed with an infrared heating belt over the kidneys.

This is a complex topic and we suggest watching all our our microbiome videos first.  The main products to reset the microbiome are Panaceum, Glytamins and Phylamet.

Biofilms are susceptible to being dissolved with the enzyme serrapeptase and essential oils so you may wish to consider Notoplex and Zoiben. Zoiben also contains bitters which may confuse biofilm quorum sensing (intelligence). Once the biofilm is disrupted, Ellagica may also be of help in supporting the body in dealing with microorganisms.

Consider Lactimet and Phylamet, along with 1/4 tsp of Zoiben a day for 5 days.  Also, consider one week of  Notoplex and our Electron charger over the abdomen 30 minutes a day..  Zoiben and Lactimet are for the top down, Notoplex and Phylament are for the bottom up, the electron charger is for the middle.

Consider Captimet,  Since even chelated mercury is neurotoxic, consider taking Vitamin E and selenium with any mercury detox to support nerve tissue.  You may also want to take a binder like Enterosgel (find it online) 2 hours before and 2 hours after tanking Captimet.

In addition to yearly fasting, consider maintenance levels of Medicardium, Albedextrin and RejuvelonPanaceum and Tessamet to support the Microbiome and proper Mast cell function may also be considered.

Consider one Captimet per day for one month.  We suggest using a binder like Enterosgel (find it online) 2 hours before and 2 hours after each Captimet.

Consider 1/4 tsp Zoiben and 3/4 tsp coconut or sesame seed oil. Swish in mouth (oil pulling) for 15 minutes a day.  Spit out when done.  Also helpful can be opening one capsule of Ellagica and swishing it around your mouth (don’t spit it out) before sleep each night.

Consider 1 tsp Albedextrin per day for 30 days.  Additionally, consider 1 capsule Protelase per day increasing by 1 per day to 6 per day for 30 days.  Both are taken on an empty stomach.  Long term Albedextrin must be followed 12 hours after use with 1 tsp phosphatidyl choline.

What do you do when you don’t feel well, but your blood tests come back normal, and your doctor says either ‘it’s all in your head’ or ‘we don’t know what’s wrong’.  If you find yourself in this situation, consider 3 possibilities.  1- You may be suffering from an allergic reaction to something you like to eat or is in your environment.  Consider trying our Tessamet for 3 weeks and see if you feel better.  2- You may have metal toxicity.  It might be a common metal like lead or mercury, it might be something more exotic like Gadolinium (from MRI contrast agents), or something in your well water.  Consider trying our  Medicardium (common metals) and Captimet (exotic metals) for a month, see if you feel better.  3-  You may have parasites.  Consider our electron charger over your abdomen 15 minutes a day, Zoiben and Notoplex suppositories.  4- You may have a chronic infection.  Consider Zoiben, Notoplex V20 and Ellagics.