#1 - Do You Have a Biofilm Infection?

#2 - Can Bitters Make You Better?

#3 The 3 Chemical Detox Pathways

#4 - Heavy Metals and EDTA Chelation

#5 - Do Parasites and Toxins Cause Most Deaths?

#6 Plastic, bleach and glue How free radicals cause aging

Lactimet Small Intestine Detox and Microbiome Reset

Phylamet Short chain fatty acid microenemas for microbiome recovery

How to detoxify histamine

How to detoxify Gadolinium and other rare earth metals

Portable grounding device

Cardiovascular protocol

Cyclodextrins for heart, brain and cellular health

Heavy metals, toxic chemicals, biofilms, parasites and scarring 1

Medicardium - Chelation Therapy Safely Cleanse Heavy Metals From the Body

Microbiome 1 of 3

Microbiome 2 of 3

microbiome 3 of 3

Regenerate your thymus and pineal glands

Ohio Detox Protocol for Vinyl Chloride and Dioxin Part one

Ohio Detox Protocol Part two Dioxin detox

Why are ants and naked mole rats immune to cancer

Ohio vinyl chloride and dioxin detox protocol

The 6 causes of Erectile Dysfunction and what to do about it

What Causes Arterial Plaque And Can it Be Reversed?

Anti aging with serrapeptase, SOD, catalase and melatonin

Xeneplex - Chemicals, Bacterial, Molds, Fungus, Toxins, Cleansed from the Body

Are we all electron deficient Electrons and your health, part 1

Oxalate crystal detox Electrons and your health, part 2

Can electrons protect us from 5G Electrons and your health, part 3

Toxic metals, salts and crystals Electrons for health Part 4

Grounding Machine

Rejuvelon: SOD and Catalase

Endosterol: Prostate Support


How to make your own Autonosode homeopathics

Glytamins - Liver - Gallbladder Flush - Dissolve Stones

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Lung Detox and Support!

How to Firewall Your Immune System