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Paul Genova - Maui, Hawaii

"Lost 50 Pounds in 51 Days"

P Genova

Amy - Maui, Hawaii

"Lost 37 Pounds in 33 days"

Amy G

Erika, Hawali

Dear Amy,

Thank you for being so caring and loving to me. You are my Master Healer who always know an answer and is very qualified in your work. You are a very hard working person.

I will miss you.


"..I would certainly recommend you... "
Ken Fields

"..I would Highly recommend... "
Tamika Recopuerto

"..My Headaches are Gone with My
Hypoglycemia... "
Francine Millhiese

"..It really is life changing... "
Chad and Gerlie

"..Hip Pain and Stiffness in my Joints
Disappeared!... "

"------SURGERY AVOIDED-------
Yellow Jaundice, Fatty Tumor on Pancreas
Blocking The Bile Duct Disappeared!!! "
George Thompson

"..Colitis & Heart Palpitations
... "
Annie and Wayne Kaneshiro

"..brought me vibrant health
and spiritual awakening... "
Jennifer Lynn

"..Chiropractor Receives More
Energy, Clarity, Vitality and
Overall Exuberance For Life
Than Ever Before.... "
Roy Genatt D. C

"..Hair Changed from Gray to Brown!... "
Pat Robbins


Success Cases Using Ocean Water

Synopsis: Dyspepsia, chronic enterocolitis and terminal cachexia (Extreme weight loss etc.) - 20 year old woman - 5 year problem

Synopsis: Generalized Psoriasis all over her body of a 16 year old girl - for the previous five years.

Synopsis: Infant - 3 months, 10 days old 40% of normal weight Plasma therapy - complete recovery

Synopsis: Colitis 4 years and 9 months old child.Chronic colitis, Weight of a young boy of 2 and a half years.Treatment: Ocean Plasma - Complete cure.

Synopsis: 50 years old woman with weeping infectious eczema on her face, neck, hands, and arms, strong itching.

Synopsis: Athrepsia - poor assimilation infant - 4 months, 10 days Plasma therapy - complete recovery Was followed for 20 years Details

Spiritual Aspects of Colonics

Aside from the physical healing and weightloss that one can accomplish through colon hydrotherapy, one is inclined to gain spiritual uplifting as well. The mind and the body have a mutual connection that when the body is burdened or unwell, naturally, the mind reacts to the body's condition. Every organ in the body is connected to the brain that when one or several are having functional problems, one tends to get irritable, sensitive, as well as mentally stressed out.

Stress is a major factor which can heavily weigh on one's body. And stress is not only caused by one's physical over exertion, but most especially, it can be caused by the struggles of the organs within our body to fight off the toxins that invade our body.

The colon is mostly responsible for excreting the wastes of the food one ingests after juicing out all the important nutrients and water which the body needs in order to function. However, due to a diet high in fats, sugar, and processed ingredients, the by products of these food tend to be compact and sticky. As a result, the colon overworks itself to move the wastes down, resulting to either diarrhea or constipation. That symptom itself can incapacitate a person from performing his duties. Additionally, that person is likely to get irritated or somewhat mentally and emotionally stressed out for not being able to do or finish the tasks required of him by his professor or employer.

Moreover, due to the mucus-like byproducts of unhealthy diet, waste debris stick on the walls of the colon. These fragments of waste are toxin carriers. If not thoroughly released, the body will reabsorb the toxin, further burdening the organs responsible for purification. As the organs overworks and the toxins proliferate, the body weakens resulting to chronic fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

However, aside from diet, stress itself can burden the bowel as well. Somehow, the bowel has certain sensitivity to any emotional and mental imbalances. That is why when one is nervous or excited, he is likely to experience constipation alongside cold and sweaty hands. It is such that when the mind starts to panic, the rest of the body follow suit.

Suffice it to say, total healing is achieved when both the mind and the body are relieved of stress. That overall healing can actually be achieved through a regimen which includes a healthy habit and diet. One good way to start your journey to a better you is by having a holistic colon cleansing. By ridding your body of the toxins, the organs in your body are no longer stressed out, in effect your mind clears paving way to self rediscovery and improve your social well-being.

In fact, there are people who prefer to go on retreat to peaceful, unruffled places such as Maui, Hawaii in order to rejuvenate their mind and body. It is only in such places that one can truly relax and become whole again.

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