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Paul Genova - Maui, Hawaii

"Lost 50 Pounds in 51 Days"

P Genova

Amy - Maui, Hawaii

"Lost 37 Pounds in 33 days"

Amy G

Erika, Hawali

Dear Amy,

Thank you for being so caring and loving to me. You are my Master Healer who always know an answer and is very qualified in your work. You are a very hard working person.

I will miss you.


"..I would certainly recommend you... "
Ken Fields

"..I would Highly recommend... "
Tamika Recopuerto

"..My Headaches are Gone with My
Hypoglycemia... "
Francine Millhiese

"..It really is life changing... "
Chad and Gerlie

"..Hip Pain and Stiffness in my Joints
Disappeared!... "

"------SURGERY AVOIDED-------
Yellow Jaundice, Fatty Tumor on Pancreas
Blocking The Bile Duct Disappeared!!! "
George Thompson

"..Colitis & Heart Palpitations
... "
Annie and Wayne Kaneshiro

"..brought me vibrant health
and spiritual awakening... "
Jennifer Lynn

"..Chiropractor Receives More
Energy, Clarity, Vitality and
Overall Exuberance For Life
Than Ever Before.... "
Roy Genatt D. C

"..Hair Changed from Gray to Brown!... "
Pat Robbins


Success Cases Using Ocean Water

Synopsis: Dyspepsia, chronic enterocolitis and terminal cachexia (Extreme weight loss etc.) - 20 year old woman - 5 year problem

Synopsis: Generalized Psoriasis all over her body of a 16 year old girl - for the previous five years.

Synopsis: Infant - 3 months, 10 days old 40% of normal weight Plasma therapy - complete recovery

Synopsis: Colitis 4 years and 9 months old child.Chronic colitis, Weight of a young boy of 2 and a half years.Treatment: Ocean Plasma - Complete cure.

Synopsis: 50 years old woman with weeping infectious eczema on her face, neck, hands, and arms, strong itching.

Synopsis: Athrepsia - poor assimilation infant - 4 months, 10 days Plasma therapy - complete recovery Was followed for 20 years Details

Psychology of Colonics and Enemas

Enemas and colonics are virtually for everyone, but not everyone who can want to have one. Each person is different from another and each one has his own preference that may or may not bear some semblance to another's. Every one of us is unique, however, since each one of us, no matter how unique, belong to certain societies. Each society may be governed by certain set of rules, beliefs, and ideals that may or may not bear some semblance to another. These set of rules, beliefs, and ideals become the paradigm in which individual is molded into as a member of the society. However, since man is simply a restless traveller as well as a philosopher who thirsts for knowledge and innovation, man endlessly evolves.

Enema has been in practice since ancient times to clean the bowel and consequently relieve a person of his sickness. The wisdom of cleaning the bowel as an effective treatment of certain illness including fever, constipation, diarrhea, skin order, and even depression has been recurring over the centuries. And with man's unceasing urge and need to find cures for his troubles, which more often than not he himself caused, the bowel cleansing procedures which were initiated during ancient times has now reached a more intensive level, referred to as colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy.

However, despite the many claims and proven facts of how effective and beneficial colon cleansing procedures are, many still are hesitant to have one, even to the point of despising the treatment. This could be due to several reasons which basically boil down to character. Character which is the result of the combination of one's innate reasoning capacity and his environment. Again, going back to man's inherent uniqueness, despite how society tries to shape him with its ideals and restrictions, man has the ability to either follow or go against society, whichever he sees fit. The most basic society in every society is family.

Suffice it to say, the psychological leaning of a person depends on where and how he was brought up. If a child is brought up in an open-minded yet contemporary environment, then the child is likely to have a positive outlook in life. However, he will either grow up open-minded to new and evolving ideas or simply content with the one he basically grew up in. In like manner, a child who grows up in a sheltered environment could either opt to try out new things when he grows up or be afraid to. And lastly, a child that grows up in an abusive household could grow up either taking pleasure in hurting others as well or be an advocate of child care.

Thus, a person's attitude towards enema and colonics would depend on how they were educated about it or what they have chiefly learned about it, alongside their own personal view of morality, decency, and health care. Some people can easily be swayed by other's opinions while others tend to be harder to convince. Yet, on another light, few people would find the procedure ineffective or even inappropriate probably because of an unfortunate experience of a friend, a family member, or even by himself. Thus, it is more appropriate to say that when one decides to have colonics, he should make sure that his physical as well as his mental condition is right for the procedure.

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