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Paul Genova - Maui, Hawaii

"Lost 50 Pounds in 51 Days"

P Genova

Amy - Maui, Hawaii

"Lost 37 Pounds in 33 days"

Amy G

Erika, Hawali

Dear Amy,

Thank you for being so caring and loving to me. You are my Master Healer who always know an answer and is very qualified in your work. You are a very hard working person.

I will miss you.


"..I would certainly recommend you... "
Ken Fields

"..I would Highly recommend... "
Tamika Recopuerto

"..My Headaches are Gone with My
Hypoglycemia... "
Francine Millhiese

"..It really is life changing... "
Chad and Gerlie

"..Hip Pain and Stiffness in my Joints
Disappeared!... "

"------SURGERY AVOIDED-------
Yellow Jaundice, Fatty Tumor on Pancreas
Blocking The Bile Duct Disappeared!!! "
George Thompson

"..Colitis & Heart Palpitations
... "
Annie and Wayne Kaneshiro

"..brought me vibrant health
and spiritual awakening... "
Jennifer Lynn

"..Chiropractor Receives More
Energy, Clarity, Vitality and
Overall Exuberance For Life
Than Ever Before.... "
Roy Genatt D. C

"..Hair Changed from Gray to Brown!... "
Pat Robbins


Success Cases Using Ocean Water

Synopsis: Dyspepsia, chronic enterocolitis and terminal cachexia (Extreme weight loss etc.) - 20 year old woman - 5 year problem

Synopsis: Generalized Psoriasis all over her body of a 16 year old girl - for the previous five years.

Synopsis: Infant - 3 months, 10 days old 40% of normal weight Plasma therapy - complete recovery

Synopsis: Colitis 4 years and 9 months old child.Chronic colitis, Weight of a young boy of 2 and a half years.Treatment: Ocean Plasma - Complete cure.

Synopsis: 50 years old woman with weeping infectious eczema on her face, neck, hands, and arms, strong itching.

Synopsis: Athrepsia - poor assimilation infant - 4 months, 10 days Plasma therapy - complete recovery Was followed for 20 years Details


Q: How does a colon cleansing compare to an enema?

A: An enema only bathes the lower part of the colon, whereas a colon cleansing bathes the entire length of the colon, approximately five to five and half feet.

Q: How much of the large intestines are actually cleansed during a colon cleansing?

A: During a treatment we are actually able to bathe five to five and a half feet of the colon.

Q: Should I see my doctor before having a colon cleansing?

A: It's always a good idea to consult your doctor. A medical examination is not required except for those who are ill. It is recommended to see your MD, acupuncturist, naturopath, or chiropractor for a yearly check up. The Colon Hydrotherapist will check for situations (contraindications) that are not appropriate for a colonic at this time.

Q: How long does a treatment take?

A: Between 35 and 45 minutes, but you should plan for an hour to one and a half hours.

Q: Does having a menstrual period at the time of the cleanse have any effect on the success of the treatment.

A: It depends on the woman. It can be a good time to receive a colonic and discuss this with the colon therapist. In fact it's usually a good time to receive a treatment, since your body is already cleansing. Your menstrual flow will not interfere with the success of the treatment. Flushing the colon will also reduce abdominal pressure associated with menstrual cycles. If there are cramps call and speak with your practitioner to discuss whether to reschedule.

Q: What should I do to prepare for colon cleansing?

A: Refrain from eating before the cleansing, be as relaxed as possible, and maintain a positive, cheerful attitude. Do not drink carbonated beverages. It's a good idea to lighten up the diet. Drink fresh juices, eat fruit, vegetables, salads, and soups, limit your dairy intake and eat light protein. Take herbal cleansing products. Check in with your colon therapist for support and to develop a plan of action.

Q: Is there any possibility of bacterial or viral contamination form prior use of the colonic machine?

A: The latest colonic machines now use pre-sterilized hoses and speculums. Since these accessories are only used once and then thrown away there is no danger of contamination. The unit is cleansed with disinfectant cetylcide in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines.

Q: Will I experience any intestinal discomfort or fatigue after the cleansing?

A: Not usually, but since the cleansing will stir up a lot of old debris and toxins; you might experience some nausea or fatigue. I recommend resting for several hours, and the whole day if possible. Any discomfort will usually pass within 24 hours. Since the colon is cleansed thoroughly after a colonic, it may take 1-2 days until a regular bowel movement begins.

Q: Do I need to use acidophilus after a colon cleansing because the treatment washes out flora from the colon?

A: The large intestine is producing bacteria on a daily basis and adherence to proper nutrition will enhance the colon's ability to maintain balance following colon hydrotherapy. Colon cleansings don't wash out large amounts of flora. I urge the use of acidophilus because it is an opportunity to improve the bacterial balance in the colon. Remember that seventy percent of the body's immunity is in the colon. It consists of a balance of candida, bacteria, and acidophilus, and taking acidophilus helps to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Q: Can I work after a colon cleansing?

A: Certainly. Colon cleansing should not interfere with your scheduled day. It is preferable to rest for a few hours before going to work, or time a cleanse while not working.

Q: How many treatments are recommended?

A: Specific recommendations will be suggested. An initial series of between three to six treatments is recommended. Years of improper nutrition cannot possibly be reversed in a few treatments. More treatments may be required in cases of chronic constipation or a sluggish colon condition. Following the initial program, it is advisable to have a series of three treatments every 3-6 months to maintain optimal colon health.

Q: How is the lymph system related to the intestines?

A: The lymph system is a major part of the immune system. One of its main jobs is to transport nutrients from the blood to each cell and remove its waste. It then passes into the large intestine for elimination. The lymph nodes in the abdominal region also become storage for the waste and all this may lead to Leaky Gut Syndrome with materials leaking into the abdominal cavity.

Keep the lymph highly fluid by focusing on daily fluid intake, diet, and exercise.

Q: Why not take laxatives?

A: Laxatives are irritants and damage receptor cells and may lead to a sluggish bowel and less ability to eliminate waste on your own (dependency may occur).

Q: What can I expect during a session?

A: A session is a comfortable experience for many people. You wear a cotton gown and your dignity is always maintained. You are laying on a comfortable massage table, Techniques utilized allow a small amount of water that is purified to flow into the colon gently stimulating the colon's natural contractions to release the softened waste. This is repeated several times with the colon therapist monitoring the water temperature and pressure, guiding and supporting the entire process, and might include emotional support as well. When there is some discomfort or mild cramping due to gas for example there is support given as the releases are occurring with breathing and abdominal massage. You get to see the waste being released through a closed system in a lit up viewing tube.

At the end of the session most people feel emptier, cleaner, lighter, and happier. Occasionally you might feel tired or if there is a lot of waste that has been in there it gives a good reference for a client to see that there is more to clean out and be inspired to learn more.

Q: When are colonics contraindicated?

A: When there is any bleeding in the colon, pain, severe hemorrhoids, cardiac disease, uncontrolled high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, aneurysms, colon perforation, G.I. hemorrhage, cancer, hernias, fistulas, renal insufficiency, surgery in last six months. May be done in pregnancy forth to sixth month if you have had them before pregnancy. Discuss any concerns with your doctor and colon therapist.

Q: How important is cleaning the large intestine to the whole body?

A: It is very important because it is a neuroreflex for the whole body and effects all body systems, even the brain. Organs will atrophy if not absorbing good nutrients and water, and this is aging. After opening the colon then the other organs of elimination can do their jobs better, like the kidneys, bladder, liver, gall bladder, and the lymph and immune systems.

Q: Is it dehydrating to get a colonic?

A: One of the jobs of the colon is to reabsorb water eight to ten times every thirty minutes. This is how your body hydrates itself. During a colonic you are releasing most of the water and some gets absorbed into the body and some into the bladder, therefore you are getting hydrated during a session. Most people are walking around dehydrated, so remember to drink six to eight glasses of water a day. It will prevent constipation.

Q: If I am fasting can I skip colonics?

A: It is not suggested to skip colonics during fasting. When we fast we seem to forget about all the medications, and the artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives, pesticides, flavor enhancers, etc, in our foods that we have consumed. The more time digestive waste spends in the colon, the greater your chances are of reabsorbing these toxins. You want to move these elements out of your body as soon as possible. To the degree your colon is clean is to the degree your blood stream is clean. No matter how sluggish your colon is it is still reabsorbing while dehydrating your digestive waste, pulling the waste back into your body's system through the blood stream. One colonic can be equivalent to three days of fasting. Remember, what goes in MUST come out in a timely fashion two to three times a day.

Q: What can you tell from what comes out in a session?

A: The colon therapist can see if you are chewing your food well, the amount of gas you may have, your peristalsis (muscle tone), if you are hydrated, and the amount of mucus that you may have.

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