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Paul Genova - Maui, Hawaii

"Lost 50 Pounds in 51 Days"

P Genova

Amy - Maui, Hawaii

"Lost 37 Pounds in 33 days"

Amy G

Erika, Hawali

Dear Amy,

Thank you for being so caring and loving to me. You are my Master Healer who always know an answer and is very qualified in your work. You are a very hard working person.

I will miss you.


"..I would certainly recommend you... "
Ken Fields

"..I would Highly recommend... "
Tamika Recopuerto

"..My Headaches are Gone with My
Hypoglycemia... "
Francine Millhiese

"..It really is life changing... "
Chad and Gerlie

"..Hip Pain and Stiffness in my Joints
Disappeared!... "

"------SURGERY AVOIDED-------
Yellow Jaundice, Fatty Tumor on Pancreas
Blocking The Bile Duct Disappeared!!! "
George Thompson

"..Colitis & Heart Palpitations
... "
Annie and Wayne Kaneshiro

"..brought me vibrant health
and spiritual awakening... "
Jennifer Lynn

"..Chiropractor Receives More
Energy, Clarity, Vitality and
Overall Exuberance For Life
Than Ever Before.... "
Roy Genatt D. C

"..Hair Changed from Gray to Brown!... "
Pat Robbins


Success Cases Using Ocean Water

Synopsis: Dyspepsia, chronic enterocolitis and terminal cachexia (Extreme weight loss etc.) - 20 year old woman - 5 year problem

Synopsis: Generalized Psoriasis all over her body of a 16 year old girl - for the previous five years.

Synopsis: Infant - 3 months, 10 days old 40% of normal weight Plasma therapy - complete recovery

Synopsis: Colitis 4 years and 9 months old child.Chronic colitis, Weight of a young boy of 2 and a half years.Treatment: Ocean Plasma - Complete cure.

Synopsis: 50 years old woman with weeping infectious eczema on her face, neck, hands, and arms, strong itching.

Synopsis: Athrepsia - poor assimilation infant - 4 months, 10 days Plasma therapy - complete recovery Was followed for 20 years Details

Colon Hydrotherapy - Advocated by Several Medical Professionals

Despite many speculations of orthodox medicine practitioners against the usefulness of colon hydrotherapy as a health treatment, there are still several medical professionals who verify the health value of colon hydrotherapy.

Over the years, there have been professionals from various medical fields who confirm and assert that colon hydrotherapy promotes better health. One such medical professional is Dr. Leonard Smith of Gainesville, Florida, a certified gastrointestinal surgeon. He states that colon hydrotherapy is the perfect cleansing procedure in preparing a patient for colonoscopy. He also recommends the procedure to be taken by cancer patients regularly to lessen the colon toxicity while the body recuperates.

Another medical professional by the name of Dr. Emil S. Sayegh of Chesapeake, Virginia uses the colon hydrotherapy in treating his male patients suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis. Dr. Sayegh has been specializing in solving urological problems for both men and women for over sixty years. And in recent years has been using colonics in helping his patients. He believes that BPH and prostatitis are closely related to having weak abdominal muscles. Inefficient defecation may result to waste accumulation which presses down on the muscles and erectile tissues around the bladder causing pains. He furthers that he can provide hundreds of case studies that can affirm the efficacy of the treatment.

Moreover, Rheumatologist Arthur E. Brawer cites that colon hydrotherapy relieves the body of the accumulated waste matters which are potent sources of toxins that consequently burdens the other purification organs of the body. Of course, the doctors mentioned are only few of the medical professionals that support colonic therapy.

Depending on the seriousness of a patient's condition, medical professionals advocating the administration of colonic irrigation recommends that a patient initially have three sessions of colon hydrotherapy having a week or two weeks interval.

Colon hydrotherapy is an invasive procedure characterized by introducing water into the colon through the rectum, thus, it must be performed by certified colon hydrotherapist using an FDA approved colonic machine and disposable tubings. Unsanitary administration of the said procedure can lead to disease contamination. Remember that these tools are in direct contact with internal organ. Therefore to avoid undesired side effects, go to clinics that observe proper sanitation.

Also, despite the fact that several medical professionals attest to the efficacy of the said procedure in treating various conditions, still there are contraindications for this procedure. Unless prescribed by a licensed doctor, colonic irrigation treatments must not be given to people with the following conditions: aneurysm, cirrhoisis, abdominal hernia, severe hemorrhoid, renal insufficiency, colon cancer, ulcerative colitis, divercutilitis, congestive heart failure, severe anemia, as well as to people who recently underwent abdominal surgery.

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