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Paul Genova - Maui, Hawaii

"Lost 50 Pounds in 51 Days"

P Genova

Amy - Maui, Hawaii

"Lost 37 Pounds in 33 days"

Amy G

Erika, Hawali

Dear Amy,

Thank you for being so caring and loving to me. You are my Master Healer who always know an answer and is very qualified in your work. You are a very hard working person.

I will miss you.


"..I would certainly recommend you... "
Ken Fields

"..I would Highly recommend... "
Tamika Recopuerto

"..My Headaches are Gone with My
Hypoglycemia... "
Francine Millhiese

"..It really is life changing... "
Chad and Gerlie

"..Hip Pain and Stiffness in my Joints
Disappeared!... "

"------SURGERY AVOIDED-------
Yellow Jaundice, Fatty Tumor on Pancreas
Blocking The Bile Duct Disappeared!!! "
George Thompson

"..Colitis & Heart Palpitations
... "
Annie and Wayne Kaneshiro

"..brought me vibrant health
and spiritual awakening... "
Jennifer Lynn

"..Chiropractor Receives More
Energy, Clarity, Vitality and
Overall Exuberance For Life
Than Ever Before.... "
Roy Genatt D. C

"..Hair Changed from Gray to Brown!... "
Pat Robbins


Success Cases Using Ocean Water

Synopsis: Dyspepsia, chronic enterocolitis and terminal cachexia (Extreme weight loss etc.) - 20 year old woman - 5 year problem

Synopsis: Generalized Psoriasis all over her body of a 16 year old girl - for the previous five years.

Synopsis: Infant - 3 months, 10 days old 40% of normal weight Plasma therapy - complete recovery

Synopsis: Colitis 4 years and 9 months old child.Chronic colitis, Weight of a young boy of 2 and a half years.Treatment: Ocean Plasma - Complete cure.

Synopsis: 50 years old woman with weeping infectious eczema on her face, neck, hands, and arms, strong itching.

Synopsis: Athrepsia - poor assimilation infant - 4 months, 10 days Plasma therapy - complete recovery Was followed for 20 years Details

Colon Hydrotherapy-A Holistic Treatment for Constipation

One of the initial signs that indicate that your bowel is not functioning properly is constipation. It is a condition wherein one is experiencing difficulties in expelling wastes from the body. Normally, a person has to defecate one to three times a day, or at least three times a week. However, many people experience irregularities in their bowel movements, often accompanied by abdominal pains, diarrhea or constipation. These symptoms tend to be annoying and troublesome that most people would take medications or laxatives to be rid of them. Also, naturopathic remedies such as herbal supplements and colon hydrotherapy are preferred by few.

Constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal problems in our society. But it is not a disease, it is a symptom. Any one can actually get constipated. Most constipation is only temporary and poses no serious danger. However, once it becomes frequent and worsening, then, utmost attention is needed.

There are a lot of factors that can cause constipation including diet, medications, functional disorders, hormonal changes, dehydration, lactose intolerance, lack of physical activities or even changes in one's routine. When one eats mucus producing foods such as dairy, meat, and processed flour, he is likely to have compact and sticky feces which the body would find difficult to eliminate. That is why, a diet rich in fiber is most recommended because fiber can produce soft bulky feces which can easily pass through the bowel.

Also, the colon has the tendency to absorb too much water from the digested food that the resulting feces tend to be hard. The feces then move sluggishly through the bowel, resulting to constipation. With the somewhat sticky and sluggish exit of the feces, portions of feces could stick to the walls of the colon. Over time, the feces will somewhat harden and further amass, not only adding several pounds of unhealthy weight to the body but also only narrowing the waste passage. Consequently, the colon strains itself to purge out the wastes, resulting to constipation. But what is more disconcerting is the fact that the toxic waste build up is a potent breeding ground for bad bacteria. As bad bacteria proliferates and the toxins from the wastes reabsorbed, the body becomes susceptible to a number of ailments including chronic migraines, constipation, diarrhea, halitosis or bad breath, arthritis, chronic skin problems, colds, chronic fatigues, insomnia, hypertension and even depression and anxiety.

People usually take laxatives to rid themselves of gastrointestinal discomforts, however, some tend to over-use the stimulant. As a result, the nerves and muscles of the colon are damaged. Other people on the other hand are inclined to take naturopathic supplements and undergo colon hydrotherapy.

For centuries, colon hydrotherapy has been a popular treatment in relieving a number of ailments mainly caused by the lingering toxins inside the body. With the expulsion of the accumulated feces through this procedure the body does not only regain its vigor but tends to loose weight as well. Moreover, the fact that many people still patronize the usage of the procedure is proof enough of its effectiveness. In fact, to maximize the rejuvenating effects of the said treatment, some people prefer having it in tranquil and breathtaking venues such as Maui, Hawaii.

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